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    The liver is a very delicate and vital organ in the human body, but few can attest to taking good care of their liver; the statistics for liver disease are alarming, as more than 80 million people in the US alone suffer from liver diseases. Also, more than two million people around the world die on an annual basis as a result of liver disease. Inability to detox your liver can give rise to diseases such as: cirrhosis, gallstone, hepatitis, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and many others, and you wouldn’t want that.

    The truth is, you don’t need expensive pills to cleanse and detox your liver from toxins, with the appropriate recipes and diet you can detox your liver without stress and with a low budget; that is where this audiobook comes into play.

    The diets in this audiobook will help you maintain a healthy liver free from undiagnosable diseases and to build an autoimmune system. The step-by-step instructions in this audiobook are easy for anybody to understand even if you don’t have cooking experience. Remember that the health of your liver is in your hands!

    It’s your choice to either remain a part of those suffering from liver disease or opt to detox your liver today with the appropriate diet and information as contained in this audiobook. You’ll discover the following in this audiobook:

    • Ultimate drinks to help you detox your liver
    • Breakfasts for liver detox
    • Lunch diets for liver detoxification
    • Dinner diet for liver cleansing
    • Additional diet, juicing, and smoothie recipes for liver detox

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    ©2019 Jacqueline Madison (P)2020 Jacqueline Madison

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