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    I glanced at the other passengers, then back at her.

    "This your only bag?"

    She nodded.

    "You got something in there fit for riding?"

    She nodded again.

    "Put it on, you're going with me." She turned and went behind the stagecoach.

    One of the passengers, a plump elderly woman with a shrill voice and didn't seem to mind using it yelled, "You can't take her!"

    "She can stay if she wants to," I told her.

    She returned shortly wearing a man's outfit. It only accentuated her curves. I helped her into the saddle.

    "Move your foot so's I can get up behind you." I slid my boot into the stirrup and swung up behind her. The top of her head rested under my chin. I inhaled deeply.

    "It's been too long," I thought.

    ©2015 J.C. Hulsey (P)2015 Outlaws Publishing

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