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Real Estate Agent: Volume 2

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Career as a Real Estate Agent
Autor: Alex Johnson
Sprecher: Pete Beretta
Serie: Real Estate Agent, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 55 Min.

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Ready for the next step in your real estate agent lessons? Perhaps you have started your pre-licensing courses, but you also want to do some studying in your spare time? Maybe you have your license and you feel you need some additional help in determining how to get sales, how to make clients happy, and how to succeed?

This book is for you. It is the next step in the beginner's series that will help you learn how to be a better real estate agent. The tips compiled in the book are aimed at beginner agents, who need a little help or a new perspective on some topics they feel less confident about.

You are going to learn:

  • Tips for being a better salesperson
  • Tips for residential real estate sales
  • Tips for commercial real estate sales
  • And tips on how to get listings

As you listen to the content, you will also see these topics:

  • How to stage a home
  • How to set up open houses
  • How to network with more success

Your hard work will take you only so far. There are skills you require. The tips in this book are designed to help you work on the skills you need for being a real estate agent. Many of the tips are designed for a career agent versus an investor, but you will find topics like staging a home and holding open houses applies to renovation investors. Those topics can also apply to property managers who need to freshen up their staged apartment to help rent apartments.

©2016 K.M. Kassi (P)2017 Alex Johnson


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