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Raunchy Room Service

Lesbian Threesome Erotica
Autor: Kiara Keeley
Sprecher: Katrina Medina
Spieldauer: 47 Min.

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Late one evening, at the Mayfair hotel, Molly is tasked with taking up a bottle of champagne to one of the executive suites. When she enters the room, she is greeted by the sight of a naked woman who is tightly bound and shackled to the bed. She has a leather mask enclosed around her head, leaving her deaf and blind to the world around her.

An assortment of strange-looking toys and devices are neatly arranged on the sheets beside her, just waiting to be used on her flesh. With nobody else around, Molly can't resist lingering there for a moment to admire the slave's beautiful body and even inspects some of the toys. It ignites a darkness inside her, which is suddenly cast into the light when the slave's master returns to the room.

©2019 Kiara Keeley (P)2019 Kiara Keeley

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