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    Self-help niche is something that a lot of people are working on. But how to tell which is which and how to get the thing that you are looking for?

    Sociological expert William Richards has been quite well-known for giving "how to do" and "how to achieve" type of books. His writings are also known for the friendly approach and subtle dialogue delivery. While all of his fans have said a lot of good things about his writings, there is one thing that stands out the most about it, and that is his style of talking in his books. When someone listens to the book, he/she is going to have the feeling that it’s not just a book, but it’s almost like talking to someone close about a problem.

    Self-acceptance is something that is both easy to understand and process inside the mind. But the thing is, as it seems a lot easy to listen to, it can get weirdly complicated while getting the practical aspects of it done. And that is where this book steps in. The layout of the book, the chapters, and the tone will make the listeners feel as if they are under the influence of being with someone dear and sharing and talking about their problems.

    Some basic features of the audiobook:

    • Easy to understand language
    • Simple approach toward problems
    • Not just how to and what to but a complete listening companion to understand the problem firsthand
    • Friendly approach to the listeners for a better understanding

    Writer William Richards has been working for decades on sociological experiments and researches. There are several other best-selling books alongside this one that describes and discusses with the listeners about the problem through a friendly approach and addressing them firsthand.

    ©2020 De Rong Yang (P)2020 De Rong Yang

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