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Psychopathy: Recognizing and Handling Sociopaths and Psychopaths 2 in 1

Autor: Albert Rogers
Sprecher: Ramon Lopez
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 25 Min.

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Two books that will open your eyes to the human mind.

Book 1: Some criminals are psychopaths, and some psychopaths are criminals, but for the most part, the psychopaths among us are ordinary people with distinct traits and qualities. You might even know some yourself, or perhaps you have been manipulated by one in the past. In this book, you will learn, among others:

  • Some differences between sociopaths and psychopaths
  • What role a conscience plays in the psychopath's mind
  • How to see symptoms and signs in both children and adults, and how to prevent children from being affected by it entirely
  • Manipulation strategies psychopaths use to get their way
  • Examples of some of the most infamous, extreme criminals who showed no regrets
  • Several ways to spot psychopaths and recognize their behavior as being potentially harmful
  • Various root causes of psychopathy

Book 2: Although those with personality disorders are all different, it is common for a large part of society to have at least some kind of disorder. Sociopaths have a distinct disorder that makes them different from all the other ones. In this book, you will learn:

  • What sets sociopaths apart from others.
  • Possible causes for sociopathy.
  • The main differences between narcissists, borderliners, schizophrenics, and others with specific disorders.
  • Which dangerous sociopaths made the world burn and destroyed the lives of those around them.
  • How to handle sociopaths more effectively by protecting yourself from their sinister tactics.
  • A variety of ways to treat sociopaths or minimize the symptoms.

©2017 Albert Rogers (P)2017 Albert Rogers

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