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    You are about to discover an even better way to combat stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and terminal illness that doesn’t have to do with traditional medicine!

    Are you looking for an alternative solution to modern medicine? Have you wondered if perhaps there was a better way to treat anxiety, depression, stress, or related ailments that had little to do with antidepressants, painkillers, and other types of prescription drugs?

    Perhaps you’ve come across information about some mushrooms having potent properties that make them ideal for neutralizing stress, depression, anxiety, and related problems and are looking for answers to questions running through your mind....

    How do they do it? What properties make some mushrooms great for fighting stress, anxiety, depression, and related problems? What kind of mushrooms have these potent properties? Are there any risks associated with these mushrooms? What safety precautions do you need to observe when using these mushrooms?

    If you have these and other related questions about using mushrooms to fight stress, anxiety, depression, and related problems, you are in for a treat.

    More precisely, the audiobook will teach you:

    • The concept of psilocybin mushrooms, including what it is they have that makes them "magical"
    • The basics of prodrugs, including how useful they can be
    • What the psychedelic substance found in magic mushrooms is and how it can be of spiritual value
    • How LSD and other hallucinogens, once used for medicinal research, came to be banned
    • How hallucinogens found in fungi have been used by countless generations for religious purposes
    • How and why hallucinogens shouldn't be misused or abused
    • Psilocybin mushrooms and how they can be offered as "the medicine of happiness" to terminally ill people
    • How and why magic mushrooms aren't nearly as dangerous as heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and methamphetamines
    • Why the hallucinogen in psilocybin mushrooms is considered "God in a pill" by the medical fraternity
    • Seven popular methods of extracting psilocybin from mushrooms
    • Ways you can obtain magic mushrooms
    • The side effects of using psilocybin mushrooms
    • And much more

    I know you’ve heard a lot about prescription drugs. I know you’ve heard how sometimes doctors have prescribed the wrong medicine, which ultimately led to the worsening of a condition or even the demise of a patient. I know that you know that sometimes prescription drugs aren’t always the right way to go and that perhaps something less conventional could do better.

    That is what this audiobook will prove to you: that you have been right all along. 

    Whether you are a complete beginner to the world of magic mushrooms or are an advanced psilocybin mushrooms user, you will find this audiobook helpful!

    ©2020 Anton McKenna (P)2020 Anton McKenna

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