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    Deep and Powerful Exposition and Prayers from Psalm 91

    You are about to encounter God in the most unusual way. 

    Everything about your life is about to change. 

    Spend seven days praying and immersing yourself into the mysteries of Psalm 91. You will come out new, empowered, and emboldened to win your challenges. 

    Psalm 91 is a very famous and powerful scripture. Many Christians know and declare it for protection. 

    However, the Psalm contains hidden messages that when understood makes it work, whether confessed or not. 

    This book exposes Psalm 91, with prayers and declarations that will bring you into a deeper understanding of the words of this Psalm, empower a better fellowship with God, and help you to walk in the reality of the promises therein. 

    After listening to this book, you will no longer guess your divine protection. You will know for certain that you are protected in the shadow of the Almighty. You will be so bold about your protection that you will announce it wherever you are. 

    This book will help you understand in practice:  

    • => What is the secret place... and 
    • => How to access the secret place and dwell there.  

    You will learn the power of His presence and how to activate God's presence every day.  

    And you will walk in divine protection.  

    Yes, you and your household will walk in the promises of God's protection, no matter the plague and terror of this world.

    ©2020 Daniel C. Okpara (P)2020 Daniel C. Okpara

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