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Promiscuous Perfection

A Hot & Steamy Aurelia Hilton’s Romance Short Novel, Book 25
Sprecher: Elizabeth Tebb
Spieldauer: 1 Std.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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I’m in trouble. My boyfriend, Brian, is a good man. But he’s terrible in bed. I can’t leave him, not just for this. We’ve been together for years.

Where did my trouble start?

Growing up, I was known for being a bad girl. I lived for pleasure. I dated men who were amazing at what they did. My sex drive is way too high for Brian, who’s almost never interested in sex. But he’s a good man. I can’t cheat on him. But I’m so desperate!

I have to do something. Anything!

So I made an online profile. Brian can’t find out. I just need someone who only wants to get in bed with me. I need it! How can I work this out?

I meet up with Timothy, but he keeps asking for more than I can give. Little did I know, he’s got secrets of his own. None of that matters because the passion he fills me with is....breathtaking. He gives me the supreme pleasure I’ve craved for years.

I want to spend my life with Brian, but I have needs. How do you choose between yourself and the love of your life? He’s perfect in every way, except the bedroom. Still, he’s my everything. If I hurt him, it would hurt me just as much.

Is my libido worth losing Brian? If nobody can replace him, is the pleasure even worth it?

WARNING: This book is part of Aurelia Hilton’s hot, sexy, and steamy romance novel series. Things will get hot and steamy….

Find out what choices a deprived woman would make…because it’s wild!

©2019 Aurelia Hilton (P)2019 Aurelia Hilton

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