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    This book will make you a computer programmer! Keep reading...

    Do you want to learn computer programming? It can be a high-paying job by itself, or it can be one of the skills needed for jobs in engineering, data science, and other fascinating fields.

    But is there something that holds you back? Maybe someone has told you that you can’t learn programming by yourself. Maybe you think that you can’t learn programming if you don’t have a math degree. Maybe you’ve tried to learn programming but started out with a programming language that’s too complicated for beginners.

    Don’t give up! Simply buy Philip Pearson’s book and discover that programming is an accessible, fun, and very practical skill!

    The author has carefully chosen Python as the programming language you’ll learn in this book. Python is easy to learn because the code looks a lot like normal English words, and you can create programs really quickly. Once you’ve followed the step-by-step guides and created a few programs, your passion for programming will become unstoppable!

    Even if you don’t become a professional programmer and just build apps for yourself, you’ll gain a useful skill and an exciting hobby. So start now!

    This book for will help you:

    • Write your very first programs in Python and see them work
    • Learn about the use of Python in web development, creating video games, scientific programming and many other fields
    • Get to know the basics of machine learning and deep learning - fascinating technologies where Python is commonly used
    • Understand concepts such as neural networks and data science
    • Discover how artificial intelligence works

    This book can literally open the door to your new career. Don’t miss the chance!

    Scroll up, click on "Buy Now", and get your copy now!

    ©2020 Ken Madron (P)2020 Ken Madron

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