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No1 Survival Guide for Preppers
Sprecher: Michael Tingle
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Ever thought about what would happen if a major disaster occurred and you weren't prepared? Do you know how to prepare for a catastrophe? Have you got the survival skills you need? 

Well, you’re about to discover how to prep for any situation! 

Disasters can come in any form and at any time. Worse still, they are quite likely to strike you when you are least prepared to welcome them. And when a disaster does hit you, especially if it’s a strong, devastating one, you are likely to succumb to its fierce blow.

Even if you do manage to survive the initial attack, you won’t be able to last for a long time if you haven’t prepared beforehand for it. The extreme weather conditions, lack of the "normal" food supply, lack of proper shelter, inability to make a fire, attacks from other people and animals, and a lot more can cause slow and painful death such that you wish you could just have died when the disaster first hit. Keep in mind that you can only survive for about three minutes without air, three hours without a synchronized body temperature, three days without water, and about three weeks without food. This means that if you are to survive post-disaster, you must ensure that you get all these items in their order of importance, otherwise you won’t live long enough until help comes your way.

Preparing for all sorts of natural disasters, calamities, and catastrophes is incredibly important if you want to live longer. This is where prepping comes in. Prepping refers to preparing in advance for possible catastrophes or emergencies that can threaten your survival. You can think of prepping as simply the art of living your life normally today while you are preparing yourself for any possible disaster that may strike any time. Prepping is typically done by stocking food, medicines, important survival tools, ammunition, and different necessary supplies that can help you fight a calamity successfully and endure its harsh intensity as well as the side effects.

 You have seen what tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes have done to millions of people across the globe, right? Many weren’t able to live through those turbulent times, but there were some who were successful in staying alive. The secret to their survival is prepping. 

If you don’t want to perish when a disaster strikes you and want to help your family endure the calamity, too, then you must learn and practice how to prep for various disasters the right way.

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