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    If you want to know everything about the journey of nine months and being a mother, then keep reading...

    Are you thinking of having a baby? Are you already pregnant but don’t know what is coming along the way? Then, don’t worry because this book here is going to answer all your questions. There is no doubt a lot of information to digest, but this book right here is going to help you navigate through all of it efficiently without being overwhelmed. Everything has been explained in chronological order so that you know what lies ahead. You must be having questions like what is my first trimester going to be like? How am I to handle my work life and pregnancy together? All of these topics have been explained in this book so that you don’t panic at all.   

    Being a first-time mom is a great thing, and it is going to be one of the happiest moments of your life. This audiobook will ensure that you can embark on the journey of pregnancy with total confidence with all the information you need to know. To make you fully prepared as a parent, there are several in-depth suggestions, as well.

    Once you start listening to the book, you will understand that this is a complete standout among other pregnancy books in the market. You can even call it an action-oriented book because it tells you what you should do exactly and at what phase of your pregnancy.

    The nine months of pregnancy will lead to a lot of changes in your body, both externally and internally, and it is quite normal to feel confused when you don’t know what is happening, and all of that can easily lead to stress. But with this audiobook, all the commonly asked questions will be answered, and you can stay in peace because you already know what is normal and what is not.

    Here is a summarized version of all the key points which have been mentioned in this audiobook:

    • Realistic advice for the potentially overwhelming trimesters
    • Practical tips to get ready for the baby
    • Exercises and dietary advice to maintain proper health
    • Baby care fundamentals
    • And more...

    Even if you think that you a complete beginner and won’t understand any of the stuff related to pregnancy, listening to this book is going to change your mind because it has been outlined carefully with every basic detail clearly explained. There is a dazzling gamut of things that you need to know, and the book navigates through the process very smoothly. The main goal of this book is to prepare you for your pregnancy and also give you practical tips on what you are going to do when you bring the newborn baby home.

    If you are interested in gaining all that useful knowledge, all you have to do is scroll up and click the "buy now" button.

    ©2020 Heidi Sarti (P)2020 Heidi Sarti

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