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     Dr. David Gordon has discovered the secret to unlocking the subconscious mind's innate ability to heal itself from trauma, loss, and suffering. This discovery will change everything medical science knows about the mind and expand possibilities for cognitive and intellectual development. 

    However, there are those who plan to pervert this into a terrible weapon of war “to enhance interrogation” without leaving evidence of physical torture and threaten to leverage it to dominate humanity, with no hope of escape. 

    Chased around the globe, he looks for answers from his past, using all he has learned from his service as a naval officer and an academic. Aided by a retired gunnery sergeant, his late father's mistress, and Emily Barker (a librarian with secrets of her own), they attempt to evade rogue governments, competing intelligence services, corporate mercenaries, and perhaps, his deadliest adversary of all: his ex-girlfriend!

    ©2018 Stephen Robertson (P)2019 Stephen Robertson

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