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    Stop them before they stop you! Learn to understand witchcraft attacks and influences against your life and family and destroy them by fire, in Jesus' name.

    Our world today is being been bombarded with the spirit of witchcraft. To appreciate this fact, just type the word witchcraft on Amazon and check out the search results. You’ll see a lot of best-selling books trying to teach people how to personally practice witchcraft and cast spells.

    The surprising thing is that hundreds of thousands of normal, everyday people are buying these books and learning how to become a witch, cast spells, dominate others, and experience the thrill of being a demon. 

    Whether they are doing it for fun or for real intents, the lessons are clear.

    • The devil has invaded our world and homes.
    • People are willfully surrendering themselves to the devil and learning how to harm others with demonic powers. 
    • The devil is using the activities of various types of witchcraft to harm others and create unnecessary spiritual restrictions between them and their blessings. 

    Witchcraft is not only an African, Asian, or medieval thing. It’s a global demonic scourge being carried out in different formats against people. Witchcraft spirits aims at their manifesto, which is: to hurt others. Prevent them from being happy. Block their access to good things and make life miserable for them.

    In this audiobook, you'll learn:

    • What is the true meaning of witchcraft and the dangers of witchcraft
    • How witchcraft is invading our society today
    • What are the types of witchcraft
    • How to know if you are under a witchcraft attack
    • How to pray to destroy the power of witchcraft and release your blessings
    • Over 100 powerful prayers to destroy witchcraft attacks against your life and release your blessings
    • And lots more... 

    If ever you feel threatened by witchcraft, you don't need to fret. Use this book and God's words to send them packing.

    ©2016 Daniel C. Okpara (P)2020 Daniel C. Okpara

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