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    Power BI is a cloud-based business service from Microsoft that lets you leverage powerful data visualization and reporting tools. This audiobook delves into some of the more advanced topics after a brief overview of the fundamentals. It is designed to further your knowledge of one of the most powerful business tools ever released.

    You will learn how to use the Power BI desktop to bring data in from various sources. You will learn how to create reports and publish them. You will learn how R scripts, parameters, and the Power Query M Formula language fit into Power BI. You will also learn how to use SQL Server data and SQL Server audit data to push your reports and visualizations to another level.

    Here's what you will learn:

    • A brief introduction to Power BI
    • A brief look at the Power BI building blocks
    • How to use Power BI Desktop
    • How to use Power BI Reports
    • What High-Density Line Sampling is
    • How to connect with Data in Power BI
    • What Real-Time Streaming is
    • How to Push Data in Datasets
    • How to use Excel to Publish Into Power BI
    • Working with R Scripts
    • Working with Parameters
    • Working with SQL Server Data
    • Working with the Power Query M Formula Language
    • How to Visualize SQL Server Audit Data
    • And much more

    By the end of the audiobook, you will have a much deeper understanding of how to leverage Power BI for effective and efficient business intelligence so buy this audiobook now to get started!

    ©2020 Daniel Jones (P)2021 Daniel Jones

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