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Positive Thinking

How to Stop Negative Thoughts, Develop a Positive Mindset, and Be Happy
Sprecher: Susan Soriano
Spieldauer: 58 Min.

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Negative thoughts have an easy time reaching people in this busy day and age. Whether you lose your job or experience a change in your marital status, experiencing negative thoughts is common. However, for some people, negative thinking gets in the way of living a healthy and productive life.

Being positive is directly connected to how you think. Positive thinking impacts your job, your health, your relationships, and your life in every way. It affects how you see things. When you are cheerful, pleased and feel appreciated, you see added possibilities for your life.

This book will help you understand the power of positive thinking and will teach you how you can overcome negative thoughts and begin to live a happier life. By listening to this book, you'll learn:

  • How negative thinking can ruin your life
  • The benefits of positive thinking
  • How you can use the Law of Attraction to keep good things coming in your life
  • How to deal with your past and believe in yourself

You will also discover:

  • How to turn your thoughts from negative to positive in just a few steps
  • Constructive ways to handle criticism
  • Useful tips for how to make positivity a part of your day to day life
  • How mindfulness leads to happiness

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