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    Introducing How You Can Potty Train Your Toddler in Seven Days or Less, Implement Guilt-Free Discipline, and Become the Loving Parent You’ve Always Wanted to Be!  

    We all know how challenging parenting can be.  

    From endlessly changing diapers to stopping ourselves from the third outburst of the day, parenting is far from an easy ride.  

    However, with the right techniques, strategies, and fundamentals in place, you can make parenting the enriching and incredible experience it is supposed to be!  

    In fact, using the methods described inside this book, you can become the compassionate, loving parent you always dreamed of being while developing the emotional bond and connection you so deeply want with your child.  

    And, to add to that, you can use these methods to transform your child and toddler’s behavior without the need for endless tantrums, power struggles, or bribing.  

    Instead, you can create a peaceful, loving environment where both you and your children can grow and connect.  

    Start your journey to raising the happiest child around today!  

    Anyways, Here’s a Tiny Preview of What’s Inside:

    • The Three Must-Know Things You Can Implement Today to Start Your Positive Parenting Journey
    • The Parenting Style Audit
    • How to Identify Your Current Style and Become the Parent You Want to Be 
    • The Five Things You Can Do to Stay Calm and Respond Consciously When "Disaster Strikes" 
    • The One Revolutionary Method to Prevent Outbursts and Old Habits Creeping Back in, No Matter the Situation 
    • The Guide to Developing, and Growing the Emotional Bond and Trust Between You and Your Child and How This Will Positively Effect Behavior 
    • The Role Excess Screen Time Could Be Having on Your Child’s Development and Behaviors, and What You Can Do About It
    • Positive Disciplines’ You Can Implement to Make Every Situation an Opportunity for Growth Instead of Punishment and Detriment! 
    • Three Ways to Talk to Your Child in Different Situations, So They Will Actually Listen to What You Are Saying
    ©2021 Faye Palmer (P)2021 Faye Palmer

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