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Pongwiffy and the Holiday of Doom

Book 4
Autor: Kaye Umansky
Sprecher: Prunella Scales
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 45 Min.

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Pongwiffy is very, very bored. It is raining, and she has nothing to do. Pongwiffy is a witch of action who hates being cooped up. Her idea of a good day is to be out and about, swapping gossip and recipes and inviting herself to tea. But the incessant rain has put a stop to all that.

Pongwiffy decides the witches need some sort of excitement. And what better than a holiday? It is the matter of a moment for Pongwiffy to take the coven's much treasured funds and blow them all on a trip to the ever popular holiday destination Sludgehaven-on-Sea. Which is precisely when the trouble starts.

A laugh-out-loud story that is witty and clever, enticingly mixed in with much sludge, slime and very bad habits.

©1995 Kaye Umansky (P)2014 Audible, Inc.


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