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    Curiosity can get a girl into trouble, and Belinda is about to discover just how it happens. When she visits Joshua, she can’t help but wonder about the heavy briefcase, and when she finds out what’s inside she’s shocked by the contents. That’s just the beginning. Before long, she’ll be cuffed and gagged and completely at Joshua’s mercy, feeling the sting of his hand, the riding crop, and complete and utter surrender.

    Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a fantasy bondage humiliation sex encounter. It includes bondage, forced deep throat, use of a gag, whipping, spanking, rough sex, forced semen swallowing, domination, and facial cumshot humiliation. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

    Here is a preview:

    “You can open it,” Joshua told her. “But I think you’ll regret it.”  

    If Belinda heard Joshua’s warning, she didn’t let on. Instead, she popped the locks and slowly lifted the lid. He saw her eyes widen as she looked inside. “What is...?” she started and she blushed, not quite believing what he saw.

    “Toys,” Joshua said simply.

    “Adult toys,” Belinda whispered, her blush growing. “Sex stuff. Why do you have these?”

    “For fun,” Joshua said. “Doesn’t it look like fun?”

    Belinda was looking down into the case, aware that Joshua was looking at her waiting for a response. Belinda couldn’t look him in the eye again, but she also left the case resting on her lap.  

    Belinda giggled, then, feeling nervous just looking at the toys, she lifted a pair of handcuffs, hooking her finger into one of the cuffs. “You don’t really use these, do you?” She looked from the cuffs to Joshua and back again as though the cuffs weren’t real.    

    “You know that your curiosity could get you into trouble, don’t you?” Joshua said. “Do you want to try them?”

    She nodded, feeling shy. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

    She handed the cuffs to Joshua and he secured her hands behind her back, making sure that the cuffs were tight enough that she couldn’t slip through them but not so tight that she was going to be frightened. 

    Belinda tested the cuffs and quickly discovered that she was not able to free herself. Joshua watched her, seeing the look on her face as she struggled against the cuffs. “So what would happen next?” she asked and there was such innocence in her voice that Joshua felt his cock stiffen within his pants.  

    “Anything I want,” Joshua said. His voice was low and Belinda suddenly realized that things were getting serious.

    ©2014 Mmmmore Productions (P)2020 Lyrical Lip Service

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