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    Kevin is an otaku.

    No, scratch that: he's an Otaking.

    An obsessive anime fan. A total recluse. An irascible Internet scold.

    But don't worry: he's also found love. He is the proud husband of Akane Matsunaga. Who is Akane? She's the main character of his favorite anime series, of course. A fictional 2D character to whom Kevin has devoted himself completely.

    In other words: his waifu.

    But what happens when his waifu becomes corporeal and real? And what if she's a little more kinky and dominant than he might have realized? What if she brought with her a 10-inch toy that she fully intends to use on her 3D suitor?

    Watch out, Kevin. Akane's about to put the "oh!" in "moe".

    This femdom story is intended for adults only. It contains graphic descriptions of adult situations, including humiliation, bondage, domination, pegging, psychic sex, and other fun activities. Listener discretion is advised.

    All characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18.

    ©2016 Sakura von Sternberg (P)2016 Sakura von Sternberg

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