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Peace of Mind

Autor: Abe Kass, R.S.W.
Sprecher: Wayne June
Spieldauer: 49 Min.

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Anxiety is comprised of intense fear, worry, and hopelessness. It can disrupt a person's total being, from the physical to the emotional and the spiritual. Anxiety can become so intense and painful that it can cause emotional paralysis (panic attacks). Sometimes professional intervention is required, especially if a person's ordinary eating and sleeping patterns have been disrupted.

Mild anxiety is often temporary, and through personal education and growth, full recovery will occur and calm feelings will return. Many anxieties are caused by negativity and fear-provoking thoughts and unreasonable expectations. Curing "anxiety" can be complex and can include many different approaches. Sometimes medication can be helpful, and even necessary, but often it is not.

If you are experiencing anxiety and you can cure it without medication, then you will be strengthened by your experience and better prepared for the future. With this program, you will eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life - you will use the power of your mind to settle your upsetting thoughts and replace them with feelings of comfort and hope.

Our self-therapy programs are deliberately designed to be repetitive. Do not expect them to entertain. Do expect them, when used as instructed, to upgrade the quality of your life. This program requires eight minutes a day for three weeks (average for most people).

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