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Patriot Bride

Sprecher: Jim Sartor
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 54 Min.

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Hannah Cooper fled her home in England to escape the aristocratic marriage her father had arranged for her. Now in the Colonies, posing as a widowed seamstress, she's poor but content with her modest and independent life. But when war comes to the Colonies and with it, the dreaded Quartering Act, all households are ordered to feed and shelter British troops.

When Hannah finds Colonel Wolfgang Preston at her cottage's gate, her first thought is, of course, to refuse him. He is an officer and could commandeer much more lavish quarters; she's a single woman with a one room cottage. But he won't take no for an answer, and it soon becomes obvious why. Wolfgang Preston is the Duke of Northumberland and is the very man her father had arranged for her to marry. He's found her and he can't decide what he's going to do with his lovely bride first: put her over his knee or into his bed.

As Hannah's life takes a drastic turn, all she can think about is getting away again, but will Wolf's control over her mind and body take over her heart as well?

©2016 Blushing Books Publishing (P)2016 Blushing Books Publishing

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