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    Do you want to be a better parent? Do you want to raise great children?

    Raising a family, and particularly young children, is a lifetime commitment and no easy feat. From the moment of birth, parents are tasked with the job of shaping their children's life, teaching important lessons, and providing them with strong morals and values. This book addresses the most difficult of children to raise (strong-willed) and equips parents with the leadership skills required to raise such children.

    This book is written from a diverse perspective of world views. As society changes, parents often find themselves left behind and feeling increasingly powerless to be effective parents. The techniques outlined in this book are universal and will help you, even if your child is not strong willed.

    This book teaches a balance between traditional and modern parenting skills. This book is about combining the available methods to find an approach that suits you and leads to a well-balanced child. This book caters for the diversity in culture, religion, and society. This book seeks to present information in a simple non-judgmental way that inclusive of all world views (religious, non-religious, single parent or traditional family structures). This book is about finding the right balance for you and your child's development.

    ©2016 SJ Baker (P)2016 SJ Baker

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