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Oxytocin: How to Boost the Hormones in Your Brain for Close Relationships

Autor: Quinn Spencer
Sprecher: Eric Boozer
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 3 Min.

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At first, they thought it wasn’t real, but science has discovered the truth. 

Sometimes people call oxytocin the “cuddly” hormone, and rightfully so, because this hormone stimulates closeness, creates happiness, affects attachments patterns, and creates a chemical, biological connection between partners, friends, and family members.

What else can we learn about oxytocin? Why do we need oxytocin as human beings? How can we increase oxytocin releases in our brain? 

Although these are the most important issues that will be tackled in this short guide, other subtopics related to it will be addressed as well. These include but are not limited to:

  • How exactly oxytocin functions in male and female brains
  • What you can achieve with meditation and how it boosts oxytocin levels if done the right way
  • How oxytocin counters stress
  • The main differences between oxytocin and codependency 
  • The best ways to grow your relationship by boosting your testosterone and oxytocin levels

When you understand the significance and the best triggers of oxytocin releases, you can have more fulfilled, happier life.

Add this book to your cart. You and perhaps your partner, too, will benefit from it.

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