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    Do you always feel overwhelmed by your thoughts? Do you battle with stress or anxiety every day? Do you just want to stop worrying about life? Keep reading....

    Stress is a prevalent modern-life experience. It is our emotional response to requirements that others, external events, or even ourselves make of us. Feeling overburdened at work, responding to a major life event, or dealing with a difficult situation that we didn't expect are some instances of issues that people report causing high stress.

    Every now and then, we all encounter negative thinking. But if you frequently feel stressed by these thoughts, then you should observe closely what you think and how your thoughts affect your mental health. This inner monologue is a regular part of your mental environment.

    It is always there, night and day, to remind you of what food you have to eat, shame you over the fact that you missed your sister's birthday, or make you feel scared about current news (like politics or the weather).

    Such thought processes are your life's background noise although you may not always be conscious of their constant existence. Just take a few seconds and concentrate on your thought processes. Find a way to stop them. It's tough, right? You'll see how one after another, unprompted and often unwanted, they keep streaming in. A few of your thoughts are arbitrary and unnecessary. Overthinking is a guide that can help you.

    This audiobook covers the following topics:

    • Mental clutter
    • Causes of overthinking
    • How to achieve all your goals finding your vocation
    • How to stop procrastinating and change habits
    • How to stop worrying and increase self-esteem
    • How to be more positive (step-by-step process)
    • Where thoughts are born and why
    • Ways to change habits
    • The vicious cycle of worrying
    • How to make important decisions today
    • And much more

    Think now of your mind as a completely organized house - a home free of extraneous, exhausting, and useless things that bother you. What if you could just encircle yourself with thoughts that energize, encourage, and relax you?

    You control your thoughts far more than you think!

    ©2020 Ray Benedict (P)2020 Ray Benedict

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