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A groundbreaking, life-changing self-help audiobook that focuses on gearing individuals like you toward the path to overcoming mental hurdles, such as anxiety, pessimism, stress, negative thoughts, and overthinking.

Do you tell yourself to “think positive” but only to find yourself often suffering from overthinking tendencies? Are you unable to cope and respond against it? Are you easily susceptible to negative thinking? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then keep reading!

This audiobook is created specifically for those who are suffering from overthinking. This book aims not only to educate the listener on various coping mechanisms that exist, but also to help you in building and practicing consistent positive thinking.

All methods are described to be both brief and concrete, including overthinking hypnosis. This way, by the end of this audiobook, you will be geared on how to effectively respond to and address mental negativity in the future.

The audiobook purely covers content that will pave the way into a healthy, happy, and successful life. It deals with the following topics:

  • Techniques to Stop Excessive Worrying
  • Overcome Overthinking Tendencies
  • How to Manage Stress and Pressure
  • Avoiding Negative and Invasive Thoughts
  • How to Eliminate Procrastination Tendencies
  • Tips to Remain Optimistic Despite Adversities of Life
  • Remaining in Total Control of Your Mind and Thoughts
  • And much more!

Overcoming negative thoughts can be quite a grueling process, yet it is important to overcome it, even if it is a long and constant battle. It can be tricky to find the techniques meant for you in your situation, so an audiobook inclusive of many techniques is a must.

So, stop procrastination and buy this audiobook to start your battle!

©2020 Mindfulness Guided Practice (P)2020 Mindfulness Guided Practice

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