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Overcome Shopping Addiction With Hypnosis

Addiction to Shopping – Shopaholic
Sprecher: Benjamin P Bonetti
Spieldauer: 33 Min.

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Overcome Shopping Addiction With Hypnosis is an audiobook that can be listened to over and over again. In fact, author and narrator Benjamin Bonetti recommends listening to this self-help audiobook before bed each night. Bonetti is a world-renowned hypnotist, and in this half hour audio, he concentrates on deep relaxation techniques to combat shopping addiction. Bonetti's low, calm voice, and lovely English accent soothe away anxious thoughts and provide easy self-help exercises for harnessing out-of-control spending habits.


Are you addicted to shopping? Do you find it hard to go out for lunch without dropping in to the local shopping facility? Are your debts spiralling out of control because of the number of unneeded items you purchase on a weekly basis? Have others called you a shopaholic? Do you deny the fact that your habit is now becoming a problem within your life? Within this Hypnosis Audio Programme, Benjamin Bonetti, Celebrity Hypnotist and International Bestseller works to establish the cause of the addiction and uses the latest in his reprogramming techniques to re-code the strategies that you would normally take, re-aligning your mind to a lifestyle of alternative and controlled spending.

Benjamin Bonetti's self-help tools have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, offering simple solutions for lasting change. Over the years, the Benjamin Bonetti range has been described by its users as 'Dynamic, Positive, Intelligent, Functional, Fun, Energetic and Interactive.'

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