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Overcome Fibromyalgia For Life

How To Live Your Life Pain Free And Break Thru The Fog Of Fibromyalgia
Sprecher: Linda LongCrane
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 9 Min.

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Overcome Fibromyalgia For Life has been written by a person whose first interests were to pass information on to people who are suffering, just like you are.

By taking the time out to listen to this audiobook, you will also have a complete understanding of your illness, and be guided into finding solutions that will help you to banish the pain of fibromyalgia forever.

The audiobook takes listeners through knowing what their illness is, knowing what helps prevent attacks and knowing what they can do in the way of self-help to overcome the chronic effects of the disease.

Together with knowledge of what your doctor may be able to offer you, you will learn self-help tips that are relatively simple so that you can banish and overcome the effects of fibromyalgia now.

So what does the book tell you that you don't already know?

If you get diagnosed with suffering from fibromyalgia, you will know the disease name as well as how it feels to be in constant pain. The book helps you to understand why that pain is happening and makes it very logical for even those with no medical experience to see solutions. It's written in a way that you can understand and is your way of unlocking the secret to a healthier and happier way of life.

Together, you and I can take a journey into the realms of discovery. That's why I wrote the book, and what you can gain from it is an understanding many patients don't have which will allow you to have power over how much suffering you are prepared to tolerate in your life. "Overcome Fibromyalgia Now!" is your way forward and listening to this audiobook will answer any questions you may still have in your mind about the illness you have. Overcoming it is just a step away.

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