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    Most teachers will admit they are like magpies, always looking for some new and shiny teaching ideas to apply in their classrooms. If you, too, cannot go to a budget shop without buying something you think you could adapt in your classroom; if you are always looking for inspiration, an idea to steal or adapt to engage your students, look no further... this guide is definitely for you.

    Books in education are usually dry academic encyclopedias full of boring and sometimes unnecessary literature. This book will just fire your imagination with its thought-provoking style. It has all the ingredients you need to deliver an outstanding lesson. It provides both aspiring and current teachers with suggestions, ideas, and techniques to incorporate in their lessons, which capture the importance of mind-set and creativity.

    The strategies are suitable for any level of teacher, any year group, and any subject because there is nothing worse than buying a book and finding that all the strategies are only really suited to one particular subject. Simply dip in and out when you feel you need to refresh your classroom practice.

    Join the journey to being an outstanding teacher today with outstanding learners.

    ©2015 JNPAQUET Books Ltd (P)2015 JNPAQUET Books Ltd

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