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Warning: This is not the actual book Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman. Do not buy this summary & analysis if you are looking for a full copy of this fascinating book, which can be found back on the Amazon search page.

In this summary, you will discover:

  • The prison work system, where inmates are often paid about as much for their labor as people who work in factories in developing nations.
  • Most of her new neighbors in Prison Dorm B were African-American; spending time with them helped Piper to recognize and overcome some of her more subtle racial prejudices.
  • Sometimes inmates would flirt with male officers; other times, male officers would give unwelcome and uninvited sexual attention to the women.
  • Most federal prisoners, both at the time of Piper's incarceration and today, are non-violent drug offenders.
  • Piper finally admitted fault and revealed a sense of remorse for her actions when she described herself as a party to the drug addictions of some of her incarcerated friends.
  • You will get all this and much more! From start to finish in just 30 minutes!

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