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  • Options Trading - The Complete Crash Course: 3 Books in 1

  • How to Trade Options: A Beginners’s Guide to Investing and Making Profit with Options Trading + Day Trading Strategies + Swing Trading
  • Geschrieben von: Warren Ray Benjamin
  • Gesprochen von: Peter Prova
  • Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 2 Min.
  • Kategorien: Geld & Finanzen, International

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    If you're looking for a way to get into the world of options trading and are interested in starting from the basics, learning the basic terminology, and the right techniques to start venturing into this fantastic world, then keep reading.

    So far you have wandered around websites, bought courses online that promised you the moon, but in the end turned out to be just a waste of time and money, making you feel disappointed and frustrated? I've seen so many people get discouraged and miss out on a great opportunity to earn online. It's not an easy subject and I'm the first to tell you that it will take study and commitment, but if you're interested in building an additional source of income, this audiobook is the answer you were looking for.

    Let's start by analyzing all the advantages of trading online starting from the high profitability of this type of investment. The stock market, in fact, allows you to get big gains in a short time, a kind of money multiplier that can give the lucky trader incredible growth. But, as industry analysts rightly point out, financial investments can result in big gains as well as big losses. It is up to the skill of the trader to be able to stem the risk by diversifying investments and using all the tools available, such as take profit or stop loss, to safeguard their capital. Did you know that a huge part of a trader's success comes from building a strong psychology? Money always comes last; first, as in all trades, we have to do a good job. Respect for money is always paramount.

    So if you're interested in this wonderful activity:

    • Trust those with experience to guide you in this trading world
    • Even if you're a complete debutante, fear not, you can learn everything
    • Learn the five top reasons you should be trading options today.
    • Find out the one secret that lets you control stocks at a fraction of a cost that you’d have to pay to buy them.
    • Learn the meaning behind the mysterious terminology used in options markets.
    • Find out how to earn money from stocks that you hold, without selling them or getting paid dividends.
    • Come away sounding like an expert, knowing what a call, put, and strike price really is.
    • Arm yourself against losses by learning the common mistakes made by beginners.
    • Find out the tricks the top traders use to ensure they hit profits every single time.
    • Learn what volatility in the market means and how to harness its power for your profits.
    • Tune in with advanced trading strategies you can use as you gain experience.

    So, if you want to know more and deal with this matter in a serious way, get this audiobook now and start studying right away.

    ©2019 Warren Ray Benjamin (P)2019 Warren Ray Benjamin

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