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Online Marketing

This Book Includes: Network Marketing, Copywriting, Facebook Advertising (with Tips About Social Media Marketing, How to Create a Profitable Business)
Autor: Carmine Rea
Sprecher: Mike Davis
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 23 Min.

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Online Marketing includes:

  • Network Marketing: The Real Strategy That Converts People into Customers
  • Copywriting: The Writing That Converts People into Customers
  • Facebook Advertising: The Real Steps to Create Ads That Convert People into Customers

With this book you can create a sustainable business for decades with network marketing, optimize it with the right copywriting, and accelerate your business with the right strategies of Facebook ads, even if Facebook changes its algorithm. Absolutely necessary if you want a sustainable business that generates ROI. 

Network Marketing:

This audiobook lists and elaborates on the most important questions to ask when developing a web page for your business so that you leave no stone unturned with regards to your online marketing strategy. It is time to eliminate harmful and useless strategies from your network marketing approach and delve into the best strategies for the modern digital age. Maximize your business potential with the very best audiobook available on the topic of network marketing and gain new customers for your business! So, dive in and buy this business-boosting book today! If you follow the instructions, you will only succeed! 

Here you will find:

  • How to build a viable online web page for your business and the best tips for creating a clear user interface
  • The value of refraining from creating closed-group profiles on Facebook for your business strategy
  • Why merging your YouTube channel and Facebook profile will amount to substantial gains in audience exposure and revenue
  • And much more....


How to convert people into customers with copywriting. Learn what really can convert a potential customer into a real customer. 

This book lays out the basic simple principles that allow business owners, even those with no writing experience, to attract and enchant their dream customers. With clear and concise explanations of what works and why, besides examples of the best and worst text out there, you’ll have all the necessary tools to turn readers into buyers into raving fans. Give your writing skills an instant upgrade. 

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Simple techniques to turn your dull-as-dishwater business marketing into “can’t resist” copy even if you don’t think of yourself as a “good writer”
  • How to make price irrelevant and be the only choice for your ideal customer by changing nothing except your copywriting.
  • The business writing “rules” you should revel in breaking.
  • And much more....

Plus get the book Facebook Advertising in this bundle as well and learn how to convert people into customers with Facebook Ads!

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