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    Do you want to fall asleep fast with self-hypnosis, cure panic attacks, and rewire your brain? If yes, then keep reading...

    Modern life has become such that we all are suffering from information overload. There is a constant bombarding of data, most of which is unsolicited. This creates clutter in mind. Our mind is constantly processing information which it doesn’t even need.

    Our lifestyles are such that we find ourselves in a constant decision-making dilemma. From choosing the shirt to wear for office to the things to have at lunch, we are constantly faced with the problem of making insignificant choices. These decisions may not look like much, but they keep our mind engaged.

    All of us face the decision fatigue to a great extent, and it has an effect on our decision-making faculties and the ability of our brain to function efficiently. It is not surprising then that people are always so desperate to take breaks, even though they are not really facing a very heavy workload in their personal and professional lives.

    All these things are putting a lot of burden on our minds. The mind always remains under pressure of working constantly. It remains cluttered and becomes inefficient. There are so many decisions being taken in the background that it is always reeling under pressure. This also creates another problem and that is unconscious decision-making.

    We are living a life of consequences. Someone does something, and all our actions are simply reactions to that action. We are constantly in a state of compulsive reaction. We have given the keys of our lives to others. A famous celebrity does something, and you also want to do the same, without even thinking about the futility of the action. Someone abuses you on the way to work, and the whole day your brain remains engaged thinking about it. Such things are reactions, and not conscious actions. 

    Meditation is the way to declutter the mind. It helps you in observing your life from a distance for a moment so that you can make conscious decisions. If you want to achieve a state of thoughtless awareness, where every decision is simply not a reaction to the actions in the past, meditation is the way to do that.

    This audiobook has the best collection of bedtime stories perfect for every day guided meditation to stop anxiety and fall asleep fast with self-hypnosis.

    What are you waiting for? Click "buy now"!

    ©2020 Dan Healing (P)2020 Dan Healing

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