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    They say growing up is hard to do, but they never said it would be so much fun!

    This coming-of-age collection of poignant erotic fantasies by author Tina Tirrell will have your toes curling, your lips quivering, and your desire to return to the age of innocence all the more ravenous. There's no denying the intensity of the first time, and oh, the varieties of sensual exploration and naughty ways of receiving those first lessons that await!  

    "Lots of Girls Do It"

    The new girl at school has every attribute all the boys love and every girl desires...and she knows just how to seek revenge on her new best friend's archenemy in a surprisingly erotic way he - and her best girlfriend - will never forget.

    Under the bleachers, Sarah gives him a revealing, girl-girl display he'll never forget and that gives her best friend a new and improved reputation at school.  

    "She Tricked Me into It"

    The aggravation and tension of sibling rivalry explode in the most pleasurable way.

    He doesn't want to learn; Lauren can't possibly have anything good to teach him - or show him. But when she takes it upon herself to force a lesson on female upper anatomy, he can't help his bodily reaction. And Lauren knows just how to deal with that, too.  

    "All Grown Up"

    For an enthusiastic, just-of-age coed, prepping for college requires sizzling, sensual summertime studies.

    Lucky for Susan, John's more than happy to help with her intimate request and offers himself as a patient tutor in the ways and methods of college extracurricular activities. Susan eagerly learns one technique that's surprisingly just like licking a lollipop.

    Experience it all over again...just like the first time.

    ©2014 Ardour Press (P)2018 Ardour Press

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