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    It is easy to make mistakes when you are creating or reorganizing your nonprofit. There are so many organizational laws, administrative requirements, and tax considerations to navigate when you are organizing your nonprofit corporation that it can seem overwhelming. Lawyers, accountants, and advisors can be expensive, but so can setting up your nonprofit incorrectly or forgetting to file the right documents. What you need is the knowledge to get it done right the first time without breaking the bank.

    It doesn’t have to be complicated. This guide makes it fast and easy to form your 501(c) nonprofit corporation and get your organization started on the right foot. The aim of this guide is action. It gives you the knowledge you need to get your nonprofit up and running without making costly mistakes in the process, or being so paralyzed by the overwhelming nature of organizing your nonprofit that you keep putting it off.

    Avail yourself of the many advantages a 501(c) nonprofit corporation offers. Many organizations find that organizing their operation as a nonprofit corporation is the best and most efficient organization from the perspective of taxation and legal protection for their activities.

    Learn the secrets so many successful nonprofits have used to get where they are today. This easy step-by-step guide walks you through everything you need to know including:

    • Introduction to nonprofit organizations
    • Finding your purpose
    • Crafting the prefect vision statement and mission statement
    • Defining your focus
    • Choosing a name
    • Defining the leadership
    • Benefits of incorporating your nonprofit
    • Protecting your nonprofit with a conflict of interest policy
    • Website creation and design for a nonprofit
    • Creating bylaws - the backbone of your organization
    • Budget considerations for a nonprofit
    ©2017 Jerry Levy (P)2018 Jerry Levy

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