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No Offense Intended

Sprecher: Paul Boehmer
Serie: Munch Mancini, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 18 Min.

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The last thing "Munch" Mancini needs is a visit from her ex-lover, "Sleaze" Garillo, a shady hustler looking for a favor.

Munch is a hardworking, no-nonsense auto mechanic in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. She's recently shed nearly every addiction known to man and woman. Munch is doing her best each day to keep the sins of her past behind her, but it seems that there's always some old friend or temptation blocking her path.

When Sleaze drops out of sight under troubling circumstances, Munch can't help but get involved. He may have been the victim of a sniper attack on the freeway. The cops are after her for answers. Munch doesn't have any - yet. But she's the only one with the friends and connections to track down the truth.

That is just what she's been avoiding, a dangerous detour down memory lane. Finding out about one former friend means that Munch will need to revisit other lingering faces from her past - friend and foe - and deal with them once and for all.

Nobody's tougher than Munch Mancini, but even she's unsure if she has what it takes to make it through this risky situation without ruining her new life, or losing it altogether. She's used to battling dope smugglers, bikers, and the law, but this is her first time trying to guard an innocent soul in the mix - the baby daughter Sleaze left behind.

In Barbara Seranella's rough-and-tumble new thriller, No Offense Intended, a hazardous trail of crime, truth, and consequences spirals to a deadly standoff.

©2000 Barbara Seranella (P)2014 Audible, Inc.

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