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    Find out what the New Age is, when it started, and what it means for you. This book covers all the major elements of New Age thought, from alternative medicine to the mind....

    This book takes an in-depth look at the New Age, and what it has added to our understanding about the inner world of the mind, as well as the outside world, and the vast cosmos. Looking at both the science and the mythology behind many New Age ideas, we will consider all the major branches, and some of the people involved in the inspirational movement. The book deals with the many New Age ideas related to mind, body and spirit, and how these have formed an undercurrent in popular history since the 1960s. Combining the advancement in Scientific thought with the ancient, long forgotten wisdom from around the globe, the New Age movement has changed our world view, and our understanding of reality.

    ©2015 Sam Siv (P)2015 Sam Siv

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