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    For Isabella, things were going well at the biker compound, but new troubles awaited her. The trouble was her father, who was overbearing and demanded her to stay in school and do something that she hated. But Isabella began to discover a new love, a love for bikes, and that was something she didn't want to smite. However, she didn't know what to do about this, or even where to begin in terms of telling her father anything about this. But of course, that's when everything changed for her. When Isabella finally confronts him, drama soon followed. However, she wanted to do something about this, something that would allow her to grow even more. Of course, this leads to another problem. Will Isabella finally stand up for herself and face her overbearing father? Or will she give in and listen to his whims, staying in a life she hated and not with the ones she cared about?

    ©2017 Bethany Dayna (P)2017 Bethany Dayna

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