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    If your mother behaved in a certain way, you could be traumatized for life - this book will teach you what to do!

    When you were a young child, your mother was a powerful goddess who gave you food, warmth, a feeling of security, and literally a chance to survive. For years, you were ready to do anything just to make sure that she loves you. But what if she was...incapable of love?

    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is one of the most widely known personality disorders. Narcissists are unable to feel empathy and unconditional love - they see others as tools and victims. A narcissistic mother only shows love when her child acts according to her expectations and rapidly withdraws it when her child does something “wrong”. The child grows up believing that they don’t deserve unconditional love, and this belief can be extremely hard to break.

    Growing up with a narcissistic mother can have lifelong consequences, such as:

    • Ongoing issues with self-esteem (feeling that you’re “not good enough”)
    • The inability to give and accept love
    • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
    • A tendency to choose toxic people and abusers as romantic partners

    Fortunately, once you understand that you were brought up by a narcissistic mother, you can break free from her evil spell. This book will show you how.

    Here’s what this book will teach you:

    • How to recognize a narcissistic mother
    • How to identify narcissistic abuse and manipulation techniques
    • How to confront the narcissist successfully
    • How cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you recover from narcissistic abuse
    • And much more!

    In many cultures, motherhood is held sacred and people who confront their mothers are misunderstood. However, if you’ve been raised by a narcissistic mother, breaking free from her abuse is like self-defense.

    Don’t be afraid to defend yourself. You are good enough, and you don't deserve abuse!

    Take your first step toward recovery. Scroll up, click on "buy now", and get the audiobook now.

    ©2019 Judy Mystic (P)2020 Judy Mystic

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