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    If you are an adult child of a narcissistic mother, this audiobook is for you. If you are not sure whether your abusive mother is a pathological narcissist, you will find out.

    The issue of toxic mothers challenges the status quo in so many ways but does need to be addressed. Adult children of narcissistic parents are often plagued with so much guilt and a sense of deep obligation and shame that they feel duty-bound to keep whatever happened in the family secret, even when it is shredding their lives. It’s really difficult to share your experience because narcissists and especially a narcissistic mother can be very good at creating the perfect image of the family for outsiders.

    If you listen to this book:

    • You will become aware of all the reasons why your childhood was so traumatic.
    • You will learn how to deal with your narcissistic mother without being his victim any longer.
    • You will find out all the dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors that you have developed over the years.
    • You will start healing from the symptoms of Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder, a typical disorder affecting adult children of narcissistic parents, even if psychotherapy is required.

    The solution is not forgiving or forgetting, but understanding and working on your self-development, and finally taking back control of your life.

    ©2020 Caroline Foster (P)2020 Caroline Foster

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