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    Do you think a mom can be abusive to her kids? Could she influence her child's mental well-being? 

    Narcissistic personality disorder is a severe mental illness, and it can be very difficult to live with someone who suffers from this. If you're an adult child who's grown up in a narcissistic family or someone near you has suffered from this trauma, you know how that can scar a person for life. Recovery is still possible.

    A narcissistic personality disorder is one of a few types of character issues and is a state of mind in which people have their own swelled sense of importance, a strong need for high attention and respect, strained relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. In any case, behind this mask of exceptional assurance lies fragile confidence that is defenseless against the slightest criticism.

    A child abused by her parent may attempt to reduce the effects of abuse on her emotionally and psychologically by scaling down the abuse. You may even find yourself trying to believe you're not being manipulated and something happened that prompted your mom to respond abusively.

    However, because many forms of narcissistic abuse are not frequently discussed, such as manipulation, slander, withholding, and emotional blackmail, people do not think of these actions as abuse. Consequently, many children of narcissistic mothers do not even realize they are being abused.

    According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, someone with one or more signs of childhood abuse has had the opportunity to develop chronic depression approximately 2.27 times later in life than those without a history of bullying. Evidence suggests that child abuse can adversely affect not only the lifelong risk of depression, but also the results of clinically relevant depression such as history of illness and quality of treatment.

    But it is possible to recover from the pain of the past, and through life, you will learn to find a healthier way. You will learn how to break free and heal from narcissistic abuse with this guide. You will be able to identify a narcissist's signs and symptoms, restore your mindsets and subconscious values, reevaluate your current relationships with your mother and others, and continue your path into a brighter future.

    In this audiobook, you’ll discover:

    • Understanding narcissism
    • The different types of narcissism
    • Narcissism characteristics in women
    • The effects of being brought up with a narcissistic father/mother
    • Characteristic of a narcissist mother
    • Why narcissistic mothers hate their daughters
    • Mothers and daughters: a bond of strength
    • Types of toxic mothers
    • Parents transforming their children into little narcissistic beings
    • How to defend yourself from emotional takers
    • And much more
    ©2020 G.S. Hansen (P)2020 G.S. Hansen

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