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    Healing from emotional abuse is something that may not heal by itself over time. Most of the time you really can't get over a relationship no matter what you're doing. You can still find yourself turning back either physically or emotionally trying hard to find a resolution or a closure.

    A narcissist can be beguiling and charismatic, but don't fall in love. Learn the behaviors to look for through the smokescreen of romance and seduction. You'll try harder, but despite pleas and efforts, the narcissist appears to lack consideration for your feelings and needs.

    If you want to survive to be in a narcissistic relationship, then you must think like a narcissist and beat him at his own game, with his tactics. This will help alleviate some of the stress.

    It is OK to have a healthy loving relationship. Unfortunately, you may realize your partner is a narcissist. It is a shocking and sad fact. It is far better to know the truth than getting stuck in lies till the rest of your life. Narcissists are those type of people unable to love other human beings back. They sabotage and destroy their relationships. Keep your eyes wide open so it won't be too late for you to get out.

    Loving a narcissist, in the beginning, might seem easy. But having an ongoing relationship with a narcissist? Sorry, but an ongoing relationship with a narcissist could be quite a different story. Discover why now, and don't become a victim of his narcissistic tendencies!

    Get this audiobook now and you will never regret you did.

    ©2020 G.S. Hansen (P)2020 G.S. Hansen

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