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    Do you want to break the spell of narcissistic abuse? This book will show the way to healing! 

    How do you know if a parent, a romantic partner, or a close friend is a narcissist?

    First, they feed their sense of self-importance by bringing others down. It can range from subtle contempt or outright abuse, depending on the situation, but the purpose is the same.

    Second, they constantly demand praise and attention. Narcissists have a huge ego, but it’s very fragile and dependent on other people’s opinion.

    Third, they can’t love unconditionally – even if it’s their own child. To earn a narcissist’s love, you have to match whatever standards the narcissist has imposed on you. Otherwise, they turn away immediately – and say it’s all your fault.

    Fourth, they are smart psychological manipulators. Narcissists like to make people feel guilty and confused because these feelings make a person easy to control – and control is what narcissists want.

    Narcissists can be incredibly charming in public and they can practically bomb their victims with affection. This is why it’s so easy to fall in love with a narcissist. And then, it can be extremely hard to break away from their cunning manipulation and psychological abuse.

    Fortunately, it’s possible, even though healing may take years. This book is a comprehensive guide to getting out of a relationship with a narcissist and recovering from the abuse.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • How to recognize that you’re in a close relationship with a narcissist
    • Proven methods for confronting the narcissist and telling them to stop
    • How to end the relationship if the narcissist won’t change their behavior
    • How to recover from narcissistic abuse
    • And much more!

    Narcissists enjoy preying on empaths and vulnerable people (such as children), though no one is completely safe from them. The best protection against narcissists is being able to see through their manipulative tricks – and this is why you need this book.

    It’s time to break the evil spell.

    Scroll up, click on "Buy Now", and get your copy now!

    ©2019 Judy Mystic (P)2020 Judy Mystic

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