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Narcissistic Abuse

The Survival Guide to Recognize Codependent Relationships, Disarming the Narcissists and Preventing Emotional and Psychological Abuses. No More Narcissism in Your Life!
Autor: Debbie Brain
Sprecher: Winona Owen
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 4 Min.

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If you regularly feel fear when thinking about your current relationship and you want to improve every aspect of your life, then keep reading.

Do you feel regularly devalued or demeaned in your relationship? Have you gone through periods in which you thought your partner loved you more than anyone, only to have that loving person you so greatly appreciated and loved fall away and disappear entirely? Have you found yourself blindsided when suddenly, the person you came to know as loving seemed to melt away, leaving a monster in his place? If this sounds familiar, you may have a narcissistic abuser in your life, and you need help. That is where this audiobook comes in: Narcissistic Abuse: The Survival Guide to Recognize Codependent Relationships, Disarming the Narcissists, and Preventing Emotional and Psychological Abuses. No More Narcissism in Your Life! can teach you how to recognize the narcissist’s abusive tendencies and sets the stage to recovery.

Narcissists are people who suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), and they oftentimes have abusive personalities. Those with NPD are characterized by three distinct characteristics:

  • They lack or have a severely limited capacity for empathy
  • They desire to be the center of attention at all time, seeking validation through the admiration of others
  • They believe they are special, unique, or better than those around them

These three traits come together to create a person that is only interested in serving himself, with no regard for how those around him feel. He does not care how his manipulation impacts other people, so long as he gets the attention and admiration he craves.

Narcissists seek to manipulate other people into giving them what they crave more than anything: Narcissistic supply. The need for narcissistic supply for the narcissist is just as compelling as your need to eat, and the narcissist will stop at nothing to get what he needs, including manipulating or coercing those around him into providing it.

The narcissist does this by routinely destroying people’s self-esteem, making them believe that they must be going crazy through gaslighting, threatening others into submission, triangulating, smear campaigning, and engaging in other manipulative behaviors that seek to benefit the narcissist and the narcissist alone.

Within this audiobook, you will find:

  • How to identify a narcissist and which traits make an individual clinically diagnosable with NPD
  • The various ways narcissists present themselves to the world, and the forms narcissism takes
  • The people narcissists are more prone to target
  • Key information about codependency and what it entails
  • Information about the abuse cycle and what implications it has, as well as how to recognize where in the cycle you are at any given moment
  • The several insidious ways the narcissist will abuse victims
  • Misconceptions about abuse victims
  • What narcissistic abuse does to people

If you believe you have a narcissist in your life, you are not alone, and you do not need to suffer in silence. You can arm yourself with knowledge and skills to fight back, to protect yourself from the narcissist’s abuse and break the narcissist’s hold over you. Even if you've never been able to react to it, this audiobook will show you how to do just that!

Take the steps to protect yourself from narcissistic abuse today!

©2019 Debbie Brain (P)2019 Debbie Brain

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