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    You cannot change your narcissist partner, but you can change yourself to stop being his victim.

    Caroline Foster, an expert life coach, shows you how to recognize narcissistic signs in your partner and to stop narcissistic abuse, recovering your true self. Within this book, you’ll discover how to deal with the impacts of narcissistic abuse and know how to move forward beyond self-doubt and fear to create a life of meaningful purpose.

    Listening to this guide will give you the ability to find your true self and change your life just by taking specific positive steps. Falling victim to the control and manipulations of a narcissist partner is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can face in a relationship. It really doesn't matter how messy your life is right now, you’ll conquer chaos, overcome self-doubt, and improve your general well being once you start taking advantage of the information in this book.


    • What is narcissistic personality disorder? 
    • Types of narcissism
    • How to recognize a narcissist (red flags) 
    • The narcissist’s victim profile
    •  Why do you attract narcissists? 
    • The attachment and energy exchange system 
    • Relationship with a narcissist partner
    • Signs of a narcissistic relationship 
    • Stages of a narcissistic relationship 
    • Narcissistic strategies of manipulation
    • Escape from narcissistic partner abuse 
    • Consequences of narcissistic abuse
    • How to decide to leave a narcissistic relationship 
    • Understanding yourself as an empath 
    • The unconscious belief the empath must deal with to break free of the narcissist 
    • How to escape from narcissist’s manipulation 
    • Talking with the narcissist
    •  Influencing the narcissist
    • Responding to the narcissist
    • How to outsmart a narcissist
    • Strategies for dealing with narcissists
    • How to recover from narcissistic abuse
    • Steps to recovery
    • Lifestyle changes to implement on the path to recovery
    • Signs that you are recovering from narcissistic abuse
    • The sense of your experience with the narcissist
    ©2019 Caroline Foster (P)2019 Caroline Foster

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