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    Empaths! Free Yourself From a Narcissist’s Control and Thrive! Listen to This Book Now!

    Is your mood easily influenced by other people’s negativity?

    Are you only attracting emotionally abusive partners?

    Do you know if a parent, a romantic partner, or a close friend is a narcissist?

    Empaths and narcissists make a toxic combination, with the former getting the short end of the stick. But even though these two are polar opposites, they can’t help but become drawn to each other.


    This is because empaths have enough compassion for the whole world to flourish on, while narcissists thrive on someone who puts them on a pedestal...whether well-deserved or not. can empaths protect themselves from narcissists?

    In this four-in-one self-help bundle, empaths will get valuable insights and actionable tips to break free from opportunistic they will realize that their empathy is a gift and that recovery after abuse is possible.

    Here are the books that you can benefit from:

    • Empath: Strategies for building fulfilling relationships and avoiding narcissistic abuse
    • Narcissistic mother: How to identify narcissistic abuse and manipulation techniques
    • Highly sensitive empath: How to set personal boundaries and prevent people from abusing your gifts
    • Narcissistic abuse: How to end a relationship with a narcissist

    Breaking free from these emotional vampires is never easy.

    But with the right tools, empaths will be able to take back control and make better use of their gifts.

    Scroll up, and click on “Buy” today!

    ©2019 Judy Mystic (P)2020 Judy Mystic

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