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    Water covers the vast majority of the planet, and people have looked upon the oceans for thousands of years with a mixture of awe and fear. The world’s water offers transportation, connections with distant lands, food, and beauty. Furthermore, the deep seas and oceans remain largely unexplored, especially farther below.

    All of these factors have led to centuries worth of mysteries and stories. Countless people have ventured out on those vast expanses of water, never to return, while others have plumbed the depths and made strange discoveries. The oceans of the world offer no end of intrigue, and people have long been living and telling some of the strangest tales ever heard on the high seas.

    Mysteries of the Sea: A Collection of Lost Ships, Supernatural Stories, and Other Odd Tales Underneath the Waves chronicles some of the most interesting stories associated with the planet’s oceans. You will learn about mysteries of the sea like never before.

    ©2019 Charles River Editors (P)2019 Charles River Editors

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