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My Sweet Pursuit

A Hot & Steamy Aurelia Hilton’s Romance Short Novel, Book 6
Sprecher: Elizabeth Tebb
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 6 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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It’s ladies’ night at the hottest club in town. We’re supposed to be helping my friend get over her heartbreak, but I just can’t take my eyes off of him. I shouldn’t go talk to him. I have to be here for my friend! Even though it’s ladies’ night, I want to get to know him. Should I stay here on the dance floor, swinging my hips to the music? Should I go talk to him? I can feel his eyes on me.

He’s the barkeep, and his name is Matt. I can’t help but think about his toned, muscular body on me. Those stunning green eyes, that soft blonde hair, that killer smile.... I’m definitely going to get to know him.

But hey, I’m not looking for a boyfriend. My last relationship was rough. I want to have a little fun! All I want is a simple one-night stand. Nothing more.

Matt is different, though. I expected that he’d be like every other guy I’d brought home. He’s so incredibly compassionate and kind. Sometimes, he’s too kind. He wants to take it slow, which is the opposite of what I want. Still, I’m craving him in so many ways. He’s changing the way I think about everything. Maybe I’m ready to date again. When I’m with Matt, everything feels right.

The feelings I have when I’m with him are so strong. It makes me wonder.... Are soulmates real?

WARNING: This book is part of Aurelia Hilton’s hot, sexy, and steamy romance novel.... Things will get hot and steamy. Find out what happens when a man wants more than just a one-night stand...because it’s hot!

©2019 Aurelia Hilton (P)2019 Aurelia Hilton

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