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    His biggest fantasy grows into a huge problem - the hottest situation he's never before dared dream of - and she's his girlfriend.

    Chris adores his girlfriend Gina just the way she is: short in stature and perfectly petite. She's the sassy, sexy, dimpled beauty any man would dream of, but Gina has a different idea of the ideal female body.  

    Gina wants to be tall. And when she's overly eager about trying the next big fad on late-night infomercials, all Chris can do is roll his eyes and wait for her inevitable disappointment.

    But this time, neither Chris nor Gina can possibly guess what they're both about to witness nor how much fun they're about to have with Gina's newly, instantly developing body. Right before their eyes, Gina begins to grow: taller, curvier, and absolutely Amazonian.

    Chris doesn't know whether to wholeheartedly enjoy or rightly fear what's happening to his girlfriend. But he just can't stop giving Gina what she needs most, what she won't stop demanding, the very bodily substance that only a man can conjure and that drives her continuous growth into a gorgeous giantess. And oh, does Chris thoroughly lavish being drained of it time and time again

    Forget "be careful what you wish for" ~ watch out for what she wishes for.

    ©2014 Tina Tirrell (P)2018 Ardour Press

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