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    Since their formation in 1949, the Mossad has continually lived up to the name given to them, the godfather of all spy agencies. They combine intellectual leadership with a ruthlessness that has impressed both allies and foes alike. Their willingness to use extreme tactics like kidnapping and assassination to track their enemies is something out of a fiction book. It is because of these methods that the nation of Israel has been able to hold its ground in such an unstable area of the world.

    Israel, since its formation as a country, has been seen as a usurper of the land formerly owned by its neighbor, Palestine. An argument that will continue until one of the countries is either destroyed or disarmed. Palestine, being an Arab nation, has many allies in the surrounding areas, giving them a geographical advantage. Be that as it may, the drive and mercilessness of the Mossad is able to keep Israel's head above water and their interests intact; however, Israel's national intelligence agency's reach is far greater than just the Middle East. They have a global network.

    The agency has performed - or has been a part of - some of the boldest and fearless operations ever executed. For example, after the Munich Massacre, Israel demanded something other than justice. They wanted vengeance. To do so, the Mossad scoured the globe for those that were a part of the terrorist group Black September and killed all the suspected conspirators. The Jewish religion has been combating anti-Semitism since the Egypt of the Old Testament - the Mossad is the result. This book is going to dive deep into the Mossad archives to illuminate other controversial missions like the operation, "Wrath of God," that displayed their unyielding nature towards those that strike against them. It is this persistence that makes them such an effective fighting force in Israel’s arsenal.

    ©2017 Peter Russo (P)2017 Peter Russo

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